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Tiger IT Enroll is a comprehensive enrollment application that is based on a service oriented architecture leveraging XML technology built by Tiger IT to perform distributed enrollment and storage capability. The application can be used on desktop PCs as well as handheld devices for registration in remote areas. It can be used to capture personal, demographic, and biometric information and has the following advantages:

  • It can easily be customized to meet different enrollment requirements.
  • The user friendly interfaces allow for fast data entry rate.
  • The application supports different languages.
  • It is available as a smart application and a desktop application.
  • Functionalities such as user management, restricting different privilege groups to different screens and tasks are also available.
  • Peripheral diagnostics and checks can be performed to confirm all peripherals are connected before starting the program.
  • Keeps immutable log files of all activity.
  • Supports most leading peripherals for fingerprint, photo and signature capture.
  • Can be used as a portable as well as fixed station solution.
  • There is an option for multi authentication login including username, password, fingerprint etc.
  • There is also an option for notification/alert feature for successful enrollments.

Fingerprint Capture

Tiger IT has developed a rich yet easy to use fingerprint capturing mechanism to guarantee the highest quality fingerprint capture.

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It has the following features:

  • Supports single finger readers, two-finger readers, and multi-finger slap devices (10-print devices) from many popular brands
  • Hardware independent and facilitates integration with any new fingerprint scanners
  • Allows capturing of both flat and rolled fingerprints
  • It does slap segmentation, sequence check & auto-capture
  • It has built in quality assurance mechanisms
  • Gives live feedback to operators on quality of fingerprint
  • It allows capturing of any number of fingerprints
  • Supports exception handling, i.e. substitutions can be made for missing fingers or missing hand and also can deal with other disability issues and size variations. The application can be configured to capture any fingerprint and any number of fingerprints either separated or at the same time that are required and supported by the fingerprint scanner.
  • Prints can be easily retaken at the will of the operator.
  • Uses WSQ compression standard.

The fingerprint capturing method is very user friendly. It prompts the applicants to place specific fingers on the fingerprint scanner and shows the quality of the fingerprint taken. The fingerprint capture interface guides the operator with text as well as graphics, making fingerprint capturing easy, even for a novice. Finger to place on scanner, finger already captured are indicated in graphics, while the capturing quality is shown in a meter under the live fingerprint preview.

Photo Capture

The photo capture module in the Tiger IT Enroll application comes in two levels – Basic and Advanced. The advanced level is optional and comes with additional features. While the basic level may be sufficient for most clients, the advance level adds features that can enhance capture quality as well as the speed of capture of the photo.

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Although any amateur programming can incorporate taking photos via application, incorporating artificial intelligence to guide taking photos that meets international image quality standards is where we draw the line for a professional solution.

Signature Capture

Tiger IT’s Signature Capture module integrated in the enrollment application uses advanced intelligence to ease the process of signature capture.

Some of the features include:

  • Auto detection of active signature region
  • Smart crop
  • No distortion of fingerprint aspect ratio
  • Auto zoom and fit to maximum area possible
  • Transparent background behind signatures
  • Pressure sensitivity for high accuracy

Supported image formats for capturing fingerprints: Bitmap (BMP), TIFF (uncompressed and compressed), and JPG.

Tiger IT Enroll supports multiple, popular digital signature capture devices out-of-the-box, including Topaz Systems and Wacom.

Document Scanning

Document Scanning in Tiger IT’s enrollment application is a versatile and useful addition to the overall enrollment process. Often times our clients have requested a simple way to attach additional documents, and as such, we have developed a Document Scanning module. The basic features include:

  • Easy scanning process with no advanced setup and minimum number of steps
  • Provision for unlimited number of documents
  • Convenient way to save using Document Type or Date as file names
  • Industry standard image compression for efficient use of server storage space
  • Categorization of saved documents
  • Intelligent Auto-crop of scanned images for proper dimensions and file size
  • Fast double sided scanning (requires specific hardware)
  • Document management for system administrators
  • Search function to locate needed documents for enrolled individuals

Iris Scanning

An iris-recognition algorithm first has to identify the approximately concentric circular outer boundaries of the iris and the pupil in a photo of an eye. The set of pixels covering only the iris is then transformed into a bit pattern that preserves the information that is essential for a statistically meaningful comparison between two iris images. Iris recognition efficacy is rarely impeded by glasses or contact lenses. Iris technology has the smallest outlier (those who cannot use/enroll) group of all biometric technologies. Because of its speed of comparison, iris recognition is the only biometric technology well-suited for one-to-many identification. A key advantage of iris recognition is its stability, or template longevity, as, barring trauma, a single enrollment can last a lifetime.

We understand that a practical problem of iris recognition is that the iris is usually partially covered by eyelids and eyelashes. In order to reduce the false-reject risk in such cases, additional algorithms are used to identify the locations of eyelids and eyelashes and to exclude the bits in the resulting code from the comparison operation. In addition, our Iris capturing module uses feedback mechanism when the iris is in a suitable position for capturing, allowing capturing high quality images for future use.